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Sheet Pan Dollies, Cup/Glass Rack Dollies, Cup and Glass Rack Dollies, Starter Stations, Open Tubular Dispensing & More.

Alluserv was created to help Healthcare Food Service Directors excel in a more complex world. Tomorrow's Food Service Director must be an expert in all aspects of the growing demand for innovative equipment to support well-managed Meal Delivery, Retail and Catering Operations.

Alluserv's sole mission is to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges and elevate the strategic value of food service in your healthcare facility.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your Retail, Catering and Meal Delivery Operations and better manage your responsibilities by providing more than just equipment and products. We deliver a team of knowledgeable experts with over 100 years of combined experience to help you understand and receive the most benefit from your products throughout their service life.

Our team offers personalized solutions that evolve as your challenges change. Your challenges guide our scope of work and future product development.



Berner International Corp.

Air Doors/Air Curtains, Strip Doors and "Posi Flow" fabric ducts.

In 1956, Erling Berner brought European technology to the United States and formed Berner Industries, the foundation of today's Berner International Corporation, the first manufacturer of air doors/air curtains in the U.S.A. Headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner International combines state of the art equipment with highly skilled workers to produce the most efficient, cost effective, reliable air door/air curtain on the market.

Our strong commitment to listening to our customers and solving their problems has established Berner International as the leader in the market. Berner took the lead in approaching the other air door/air curtain manufacturers to work with A.M.C.A. (Air Movement Control Association) in developing a certified method of rating air door/air curtain performance. Product performance is critical, and at Berner we believe our customers deserve the best assurance that the product will perform as stated.

Berner International's continual growth is thru the leadership of Georgia Berner, president of the company since 1984. "Entrepreneur of the Year" is just one of the many awards Ms. Berner and her company has received during her 15 years of leadership. It is Georgia Berner who initiates and supports the "customer first" principle throughout the company.



Brass Smith, Inc

BSI brings style and functionality to the server. We build beautiful counters, innovative food guards, products that display food at its best and, of course, custom fabricated stainless steel food service equipment.

BSI brings style and functionality to the server.  We build beautiful counters, innovative food guards, products that display food at its best and, of course, custom fabricated stainless steel food service equipment.



Eagle Group

A variety of stainless steel sinks, worktables, dishtables, hot food tables, buffet units, underbar equipment, countertop cooking and warming equipment, shelving, and storage.

Eagle Group is America's largest broadline manufacturer of commercial Foodservice Equipment, serving this market since 1947. Beginning with stainless steel worktables and sinks, our product line has continually evolved to encompass a full range of shelving, storage and transport equipment, countertop cooking and warming equipment, hot food tables, underbar, and much more.

Eagle's MHC Division was created to meet the evolving Material Handling needs of a multitude of manufacturing, assembly and warehousing operations. In addition to a multifaceted product line designed to handle the fundamental needs of all facilities, specific products also have been developed for select specialty segments to include Healthcare, Cleanroom & Labs.

With SpecFAB®, you get quality custom equipment, built to your specifications and delivered to you fast - at affordable prices. The process begins with our staff of professional designers who analyze your idea, your needs and your budget. We create many of our custom configurations from superior pre-fab modular components. In this way we custom-fit and custom-build equipment while passing along important cost-efficiencies to you.



ITV Ice Makers, Inc.

Energy efficient ice makers

ITV Ice Makers, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative US Company, with its factory in Spain.  We have a very broad line of machines that will fit every customer’s needs.  After more than 30 years in the business, with over half a million customers in nearly 100 countries.  We manufacture ONLY ice machines and all R & D is exclusively on ice.  ITV is dedicated to introducing new energy efficient ice makers.  We are leading the charge on new sources of energy efficient refrigerants. Most machines will be available with R290 in the near future.



Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.

Lakeside manufactures and supplies stainless steel, aluminum and plastic mobile equipment that provides unique benefits and solutions for the foodservice, clinical healthcare and material handling markets.

Lakeside manufactures and supplies stainless steel, aluminum and plastic mobile equipment that provides unique benefits and solutions for the foodservice, clinical healthcare and material handling markets.

With over 50 years of experience, we offer a diverse product line that transports, stores, heats, cools, serves, dispenses, organizes, displays and merchandises. To meet the dynamic aspect of the industries we serve, Lakeside is continually engineering new products and updating existing products to stay in tune with industry trends and our customer's unique needs.



Perlick Corporation

Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative and quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions.

Family owned since 1917 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative, quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick is a national manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems, residential undercounter refrigeration and brewery fittings.

Perlick's commercial line includes custom bar and beverage and refrigeration equipment, innovative underbar items, industry leading beverage dispensing equipment and time-tested brewery fittings. Our products optimize energy use and increase durability to help customers maximize the profitability of their beverage service operations.

Perlick’s award-winning, luxury residential product line features indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerator drawers, ice makers, and beer dispensers.



Wood Goods Industries Inc.

Quality commercial grade tables.

We are a manufacturer of quality commercial grade tables meeting the needs of restaurants, clubs, healthcare and institutional customers for over two decades.

Wood Goods prides itself in providing its customers with high quality furniture that withstands the rigors of commercial use. Whether you choose solid wood and wood veneer tables for their natural beauty, or laminate tables for their economy, we are your one source for table tops and bases. Our exceptional variety gives you design flexibility to achieve your desired look and stay within your budget.


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