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Sheet Pan Dollies, Cup/Glass Rack Dollies, Cup and Glass Rack Dollies, Starter Stations, Open Tubular Dispensing & More.

Alluserv was created to help Healthcare Food Service Directors excel in a more complex world. Tomorrow's Food Service Director must be an expert in all aspects of the growing demand for innovative equipment to support well-managed Meal Delivery, Retail and Catering Operations.

Alluserv's sole mission is to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges and elevate the strategic value of food service in your healthcare facility.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your Retail, Catering and Meal Delivery Operations and better manage your responsibilities by providing more than just equipment and products. We deliver a team of knowledgeable experts with over 100 years of combined experience to help you understand and receive the most benefit from your products throughout their service life.

Our team offers personalized solutions that evolve as your challenges change. Your challenges guide our scope of work and future product development.



Alto-Shaam, Inc.

Alto-Shaam offers commercial cooking solutions and systems such as the original Cook & Hold oven, Combitherm ovens, Quickchiller blast chillers, convection ovens, smokers, rotisserie ovens, and more.

Alto-Shaam pioneered the solutions that are essential to profitable foodservice and retail operations around the world. We partner with our customers to innovate and develop new products that will provide high-quality food while reducing energy, food shrinkage and labor costs. We focus on giving our customers a higher return on their investment.

Alto-Shaam was founded in 1955 by Jerry Maahs, who recognized hot holding needs within his own business. Alto-Shaam remains a recognized leader in the foodservice industry, offering commercial cooking solutions and systems such as the original Cook & Hold oven, Combitherm ovens, Quickchiller blast chillers, convection ovens, smokers, rotisserie ovens, holding cabinets, heated display cases, merchandisers, food wells and fryers.

Our company is built with an entrepreneurial spirit. Conceived in the 1950s, Jerry Maahs was just looking for a way to deliver hot chicken to customers during Wisconsin's frigid winters when he developed the first Alto-Shaam oven. Since then, Alto-Shaam has continually responded to industry needs to ensure that all food service providers have access to high quality cooking equipment. Learn more about where we came from and how we continue to innovate the foodservice industry to better meet our customers' needs.

Investments in our manufacturing processes and workforce highlight our commitment to our internal process improvement, our community and the foodservice industry. With a recent facility expansion and continuous investments in new technologies like robotics and automation allow us to remain cutting edge in the food service industry.



AVTEC Industries, Inc.

EcoArch Energy-Efficient Ventilation, Utility Distribution & Conveyor Systems.

Avtec, a manufacturer of ventilation and air handling systems, was founded in 1971. Never content to follow others, Avtec has always sought out better, more efficient ways to enhance working environments.  Continuing the innovative tradition of Unified Brands, Avtec EcoArch ventilation represents a breakthrough in energy efficiency and savings and has won numerous awards, including the National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovation award for 2008.



Berner International Corp.

Air Doors/Air Curtains, Strip Doors and "Posi Flow" fabric ducts.

In 1956, Erling Berner brought European technology to the United States and formed Berner Industries, the foundation of today's Berner International Corporation, the first manufacturer of air doors/air curtains in the U.S.A. Headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner International combines state of the art equipment with highly skilled workers to produce the most efficient, cost effective, reliable air door/air curtain on the market.

Our strong commitment to listening to our customers and solving their problems has established Berner International as the leader in the market. Berner took the lead in approaching the other air door/air curtain manufacturers to work with A.M.C.A. (Air Movement Control Association) in developing a certified method of rating air door/air curtain performance. Product performance is critical, and at Berner we believe our customers deserve the best assurance that the product will perform as stated.

Berner International's continual growth is thru the leadership of Georgia Berner, president of the company since 1984. "Entrepreneur of the Year" is just one of the many awards Ms. Berner and her company has received during her 15 years of leadership. It is Georgia Berner who initiates and supports the "customer first" principle throughout the company.



Bi-line Systems

Bi-line Systems is a custom manufacturer of stainless steel foodservice conveyors designed to convey food trays, cafeteria trays, food product, dishwasher racks, china ware, patient trays, food waste, prepared foods and many other foodservice products.

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Bi-line, made-to-measure tray conveyors

Following its acquisition of Bi-line Conveyor Systems in May 2000, the
AliGroup has brought yet another important competence under its wing. Bi-line, a Canadian company with its headquarters and production plant located in Jordan Station (Ontario), is specialized in the design, construction and marketing of conveyor systems for trays, dishes and tableware in general, used in the large-scale catering industry, such as airports, hospitals, company restaurants and cafeterias.


Bi-line meets the needs of institutional and commercial foodservice customers around the world. Our conveyor systems can be found in healthcare institutions, colleges and universities, schools, corporate cafeterias, in-plant feeding cafeterias, commissaries, correctional facilities, hotels, resorts, food processing plants, flight kitchens and restaurants. We also offer highly specialized, on-site conveyor renovation service and layout and engineering assistance too.

Recent patents include a circular tray make-up conveyor and the Hands-Free® hand sink. Bi-line products are CSA Listed and built to meet or exceed NSF standards.

Bi-line specializes in providing creative ware-handling solutions with sophisticated conveyor systems that meet the needs of today’s demanding foodservice operations.



Brass Smith, Inc

Brass tubings & fittings.

Brass Smith Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality brass products.  For 20 years our innovative and contemporary designs continue to grace first class establishments worldwide.



Champion Industries

Our array of versatile commercial dishwashing machines and our ability to customize products, make Champion the preferred brand for food service operations of all sizes - from coffee houses and restaurants to hospitals, schools and other institutions.

Although Champion makes its home in Winston-Salem, NC, our international operations and our affiliation as part of The Ali Group of Foodservice Equipment Companies, give us a worldwide reach. We have been manufacturing commercial dishwashing equipment for over 100 years and have enjoyed our reputation as a major industry supplier, not only in the US, but also in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. As part of the family known as The Ali Group, we can connect you with a wide range of foodservice equipment brands to address cooking, preparation/distribution, refrigeration, washing, ice cream & beverage dispensing as well as contracting.

At Champion and throughout The Ali Group, the spirit of excellence drives all aspects of our business, especially the goods and services we provide for you.




The World’s First Salad Robot

Chowbotics develops robots for food service. The company’s first product, Sally the Salad Robot, creates custom salads that are ingredient driven, chef inspired, and robot delivered.



Cooler Concepts

Custom shelving solutions for your cooler

When it comes to creating a safer work environment, the shelf is critical. With sturdy beer cooler racks, you can eliminate the dangerous situation of having kegs stacked atop one another. By providing a specific ocation in the cooler for each product, the cooler can be used efficiently and the aisles will be kept clear. An organized cooler with clear aisles results in fewer walk-in beer cooler accidents. Did you know that just one cooler-related accident can raise your workers compensation premiums by 33% over a period of three years? With our beer cooler racks and shelving solutions, you can greatly reduce the risk of accident by putting the faster moving products below the shelf and the slower products on the main shelf. With a specific location for each product, you can allow for faster inventory checks in the cooler and avoid your employees having to handle the product as often. Additionally, the beer deliveryman will be able to refill the products on the shelves, and your employees will only have to lift an empty 30 pound keg, rather than a full 160 pound keg.



Eagle Group

A variety of stainless steel sinks, worktables, dishtables, hot food tables, buffet units, underbar equipment, countertop cooking and warming equipment, shelving, and storage.

Eagle Group is America's largest broadline manufacturer of commercial Foodservice Equipment, serving this market since 1947. Beginning with stainless steel worktables and sinks, our product line has continually evolved to encompass a full range of shelving, storage and transport equipment, countertop cooking and warming equipment, hot food tables, underbar, and much more.

Eagle's MHC Division was created to meet the evolving Material Handling needs of a multitude of manufacturing, assembly and warehousing operations. In addition to a multifaceted product line designed to handle the fundamental needs of all facilities, specific products also have been developed for select specialty segments to include Healthcare, Cleanroom & Labs.

With SpecFAB®, you get quality custom equipment, built to your specifications and delivered to you fast - at affordable prices. The process begins with our staff of professional designers who analyze your idea, your needs and your budget. We create many of our custom configurations from superior pre-fab modular components. In this way we custom-fit and custom-build equipment while passing along important cost-efficiencies to you.




Steamers, Kettles, Braising Pans & Combination Ovens

Since its inception in 1907, Groen has developed a strong reputation for innovation and quality. Originally, the company produced high-quality copper kettles and pressure vessels designed for industrial processors. When copper was scarce during World War II, Groen developed the stainless steel-jacketed kettle which revolutionized the industry. In the 1960's, Groen introduced the tilting braising pan, followed by the industry's first combination oven designed and built in the U.S.  Today, Groen offers a wide range of choices in the commercial cooking area, with products that continue to bring innovation and advancement, winning Best in Class awards year after year.



Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.

Lakeside manufactures and supplies stainless steel, aluminum and plastic mobile equipment that provides unique benefits and solutions for the foodservice, clinical healthcare and material handling markets.

Lakeside manufactures and supplies stainless steel, aluminum and plastic mobile equipment that provides unique benefits and solutions for the foodservice, clinical healthcare and material handling markets.

With over 50 years of experience, we offer a diverse product line that transports, stores, heats, cools, serves, dispenses, organizes, displays and merchandises. To meet the dynamic aspect of the industries we serve, Lakeside is continually engineering new products and updating existing products to stay in tune with industry trends and our customer's unique needs.




A manufacturer of cabinets, merchandisers, refrigeration systems, walk-ins, refrigerated warehouses and much more.

The company that is now Master-Bilt was founded in a three-car garage in St. Louis in 1938. Two friends began producing refrigerated coolers for the 10-gallon milk cans used on Dairy farms. From these humble beginnings, Master-Bilt has grown to become a manufacturer of the highest quality refrigerated structures available. Today, we have facilities located in New Albany, Mississippi and Sparks, Nevada.

We build a complete line of refrigerated cabinets including ice cream dipping cabinets, open air merchandisers, reach-in cases and beverage merchandisers utilized in the food service, convenience store, dairy and supermarket industries. We also produce walk-in coolers and freezers ranging in size from 30 square feet to complete refrigerated warehouses. In addition, our condensing units and refrigeration units are considered by many to be the best in the industry.



Perlick Corporation

Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative and quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions.

Family owned since 1917 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative, quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick is a national manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems, residential undercounter refrigeration and brewery fittings.

Perlick's commercial line includes custom bar and beverage and refrigeration equipment, innovative underbar items, industry leading beverage dispensing equipment and time-tested brewery fittings. Our products optimize energy use and increase durability to help customers maximize the profitability of their beverage service operations.

Perlick’s award-winning, luxury residential product line features indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerator drawers, ice makers, and beer dispensers.



Power Soak

Potwashing system.

Since 1987, Power Soak has been the recognized leader in potwashing, having pioneered a new technology known as continuous motion potwashing.

Power Soak is the first continuous motion potwashing system, inspiring many of the "me-too" systems on the market today. But unlike all the others, Power Soak holds the original patents in continuous motion potwashing. 

The choice is clear when it comes to potwashing. Choose the leader. Choose a system with experience. Choose a system that works. Choose Power Soak.



Randell Manufacturing Inc.

Prep Tables, Chef Counters, Equipment Stands, Serving Lines & FX Precise Holding Refrigeration

Randell, with its line of foodservice refrigeration and custom fabrication, was established in 1975. The brand quickly became the professional standard in commercial kitchens nationwide, representing the highest levels of quality and precision. Today, the internationally patented Randell FX Series revolutionizes point-of-use refrigeration in the United States. This innovative, technological advancement to commercial refrigeration was awarded the Kitchen Innovation award by the National Restaurant Association in 2007.



Steril-Sil Company, The

Stainless condiment dispensers and pumps.

The Steril-Sil System is used by the busiest and best food service establishments throughout the nation to keep bacteria counts at a minimum. The Utensils are Rinsed, Washed, Sterilized, Transported, and Served from the same clean CYLINDER - saving time, saving labor cost and reducing waste-barrel losses. First cost is reasonable, and there's nothing to get out of order. No maintenance required! STERIL-SIL  provides efficiency and sanitation! ×

Unified Brands

Cook-Chill Production Systems

CapKold provides revolutionary technologies to help you create hundreds of meals that taste like they were prepared individually. As one of the market leaders in cook-chill production systems, CapKold is dedicated to innovation through research and development, searching for new ways to raise the bar on food quality, safety and convenience.



Wood Goods Industries Inc.

Quality commercial grade tables.

We are a manufacturer of quality commercial grade tables meeting the needs of restaurants, clubs, healthcare and institutional customers for over two decades.

Wood Goods prides itself in providing its customers with high quality furniture that withstands the rigors of commercial use. Whether you choose solid wood and wood veneer tables for their natural beauty, or laminate tables for their economy, we are your one source for table tops and bases. Our exceptional variety gives you design flexibility to achieve your desired look and stay within your budget.


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